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Soap Korner is known for their high quality tea, but their amazing M. Speciosa Skin care is “all the rave”! 


From your everyday soap use to the all over body lotions and hair care, we are your “one stop  Shop”. Our Natures Body Bars have shown a significant improvement in skin tone and texture. Our Red Horn and Green MD Body Lotions do wonders for dry sensitive skin.

Twisted Muscle and Joint Rubs are great for everyday all day pain. You can apply as much as needed without smelling like ICY HOT. 

Soap Korners Day Spa uses the Twisted Muscle and Joint Rubs in their massage sessions to help alleviate unwanted pain and help release those tight muscles!


Our Muscle Bombs are a great way to end a busy day and help relax muscles and aid in better sleep. These little bombs are filled with Epsom salt, M. Speciosa, fun and relaxing scents and other fizzing ingredients to help reduce or eliminate pain so you can sleep better. 

Soap Korner also offers a wide variety of

NON M. Speciosa skincare.